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Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy, Supervision

Available face-to-face in Sevenoaks - or remotely upon request.

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I’m here for you - more than ever, during these challenging times we are living in!
As a qualified and practising counsellor/psychotherapist, Supervisor and Coach based in Sevenoaks, you can trust that I will listen with empathy and compassion and without judgement, to support you as you seek to understand or to develop yourself. We will work together towards achieving stronger mental health, improved self-esteem or greater happiness. Might this just be the perfect opportunity, to begin counselling and spend some time on yourself? Regardless of whether you live in or around Sevenoaks, we can work together because I welcome both face-to-face and online/telephone sessions, to help you to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviours. I can help you to understand more deeply the impact on your life of living in these unprecedented times..... or perhaps to work through the effect that past events or difficult relationships have on your life today.

Sometimes we get caught up in a relationship which is confusing, unfulfilling, controlling or stressful, together we will work to understand the dynamics and patterns that play out between you, working to achieve positive changes that will help you to break free from unpleasant or repeating patterns, improving your sense of happiness.

I’m delighted to announce that face-to-face sessions (with Covid secure procedures) have now resumed in my spacious and well-ventilated rooms, but you don’t have to just live in or around Sevenoaks or Tonbridge to begin counselling - I still offer online counselling across Kent and nationally/internationally via Skype, Zoom or telephone sessions if this is your preferred choice. Now, more than ever before, you don’t need to feel alone or cut off, because we can ‘meet’ and connect virtually from within your own home.

Where you live is not so important nowadays; what’s important is that if you are feeling troubled or are struggling with your emotions or relationships - I can help you.

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Do you need to repair or revive your relationship?
Are you struggling to cope in your marriage or partnership?
Are you finding it hard to imagine your future as a couple?
Would you like to better prepare yourself for marriage or Living Together?
Is being or becoming parents causing a strain on your relationship?

Limited availability for a one-off personalised Session for Couples, held over 3 hours - and very different from any other marriage guidance or pre-wedding meetings or courses!

As a one- off session, this is different to undertaking longer term Couples Counselling. Many Couples find this a more convenient opportunity to spend some focussed time together on their relationship -you may benefit from this right now - especially if your relationship has been suffering post pandemic.
Held in a comfortable setting in Sevenoaks, this might just be the perfect opportunity to improve your relationship by attending my custom designed session –unique to you!

Don’t waste any more time worrying or troubled by your relationship - take action!

BOOK BY April 30th 2023 to qualify for the exceptional price of £299

(Full Cost resumes May 1st 2023)

Call or text Sue: 07976 532888 Click 'Blogs and Offers' for full details

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How can I help you?

We all need some support sometimes and I believe that the key to overcoming debilitating emotional problems and/or the damaging effects of past hurts or trauma, lies within the quality of a comfortable space and trusting therapeutic relationship.

Once again, I’m delighted to welcome clients to face- to- face sessions in Sevenoaks. However, we can still work together by ‘meeting’ remotely - my online counselling sessions are still available across Kent through Skype or Zoom, or by telephone.

As an experienced and fully qualified Counsellor specialising in complex trauma and relationships, I can offer you confidential individual psychotherapy sessions - informed by the very latest developments in neuroscience, to talk through and more deeply understand your hurts, concerns, or confusion. 'Trauma' means many things and can sometimes be complex. We can have lasting effects from one-off events like an accident or a bereavement -or perhaps an attack or a shock, and we can also have deep inner wounds and hurts from repeated poor behaviour experienced from others during childhood, or from neglectful or abusive parenting - or from any type of relationships, over time.

If you are currently caught up in a relationship which is confusing, unfulfilling, controlling or stressful, I can help you to understand more deeply the dynamics and patterns between you. If you find you struggle with relationships, we can explore patterns and boundaries to bring insight and change. Taking the first step to invest in discovering your inner self will be priceless - I will help you to achieve positive changes that enable you to break free from unpleasant patterns to improve your sense of autonomy, happiness and well-being.....leaving darker days and transforming painful and difficult feelings.

I am here for you, and together we will work through what is troubling you, so that you can experience a more positive and happier state of well-being going forwards.

Psychotherapy can transform your relationships - with others AND with yourself!

Choosing to work with me does require clients to feel ready to explore their own patterns with my guidance, and to work towards making personal changes. I work holistically with both individuals and couples in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge, with a focus on supporting you towards making significant changes - my passion is in helping to enable you to make greater sense of your emotions, to feel better, to embrace your life or potential, and to live your life more freely and more fully.

Additionally, I have 25 years experience coaching men and women in and around Sevenoaks, London and Tonbridge to discover their own personal style and wardrobe confidence, working with colour .

I also offer inner healing of emotions and past hurts safely, through guided imagery and intuitive card readings, upon request.

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As a qualified Counsellor, working face-to-face in Sevenoaks:

I will help you to:

  • Identify and explore anxiety, fears and worries
  • Discard unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • Recover and heal from complex trauma
  • Transform and make sense of, difficult relationships
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Explore and recover from mental or emotional exhaustion
  • Transform your relationship through Couples Therapy
  • Revive or enrich your relationship with a one-off bespoke Couples Session

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    Workplace Mentoring & Coaching

    Offering confidential guidance, support, mentoring and therapeutic coaching to clients embarking on, or within leadership roles. Aspects covered include (but are not limited to) personality diagnostics for self-improvement, work-related performance management, improving interview skills, effective communication skills (emotional intelligence), managing professional relationships, practical techniques to manage and overcome stress and anxiety, and general wellbeing matters. Please contact Sue directly for further information, or to discuss your requirements.

    SPECIAL OFFER FOLLOWING COVID-19 - a unique opportunity for clients with employees experiencing work-related stress or anxiety related to the corona virus, to enrol in my bespoke wellbeing programme. Employees will be supported through time- limited, confidential, therapeutic coaching sessions to explore their thoughts, worries and feelings. By developing new strategies and patterns of relating, clients will experience improved mental health and reduced anxiety, alongside a greatly enhanced sense of calm and wellbeing, enabling greater productivity at work and improved relationships.

    Leadership Supervision is also available upon request, online or face to face.

    Contact Sue today for highly competitive rates, individually tailored to your professional needs and budgets.

    My Counselling & Coaching Practice is available for individual clients and for couples. Counselling is available face-to-face in Sevenoaks and is within easy reach of Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Hadlow.

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