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Uniquely You! - Colour and Style Personal Transformation

Personal Styling -with a difference!

Reclaim your inner beauty and re-discover your self-confidence! Refresh your wardrobe and revive your style!

  • Are you wondering why your make-up just doesn't seem to work anymore?

  • Do your clothes just not feel the same?

  • Have you found yourself feeling dull and invisible, following significant changes in your life?

  • Would you like to wear different colours and styles of clothing - but are not sure where to start?

  • Do you wonder why you can't wear a certain colour - such as red? -or why 'old favourites' just don't feel the same anymore?

  • Do you wish you could feel good about how you look, regardless of changes to your life?

  • Experiencing the reality of life and how we change inside and out, can impact significantly on how we feel about how we look......

    Sue will confidentially explore with you the roots underneath your thoughts, followed by embarking on an enjoyable session with the opportunity to transform how you look and feel about yourself!

    Together we will turn negative feelings into self-confidence, explore ways to reflect your own personality in your shopping choices - and, by applying a few quick and easy make-up tips, you will soon look and feel 10 years younger!

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    Are YOU feeling confused, emotional or alone as you go through the Menopause?

    Managing any form of change can be difficult and confusing at times!

    If you're approaching mid-life or you are in early menopause, you can feel out of sorts , unusually emotional or suffer with anxiety or depression.

    This can be purely physical and hormonal but it can also be as a result of 'unfinished business' from your past or childhood, or simply from discovering that where you are at in your life, is not where you really expected to be!

    Years of caring for others, motherhood and/or working for others, makes it feel impossible at times, to feel we are in touch with who we are on the inside -or who we were meant to be!

    First you have to work out: 'who exactly am I?!' And..... 'what are my needs?' or..... ''what really matters to me?' or perhaps you hear a quiet voice within, whispering, 'don't I matter too?!'

    I am here to help you work this through.

    The key to taking your first step towards making a change, is deciding to commit to a personal goal of living more authentically, which means being true to yourself, which will result in achieving that longed for sense of inner balance with greater wellbeing!

    I would love to support you as you step forwards to make sense of where your life is at. I will come alongside you to help you embrace and welcome the next chapter of your life!

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