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How can I help you?

Holistic, empathic and non-judgmental in my approach as a Counsellor, I believe that the body, mind and soul are all connected.
My unique approach to counselling brings together psychotherapy and coaching and provides a confidential space to reflect on any difficulties you are experiencing, working together to make sense of your feelings, within an accepting and supportive environment. Psychotherapy sessions provide the opportunity to understand yourself more deeply and to break repeating patterns of behaviours, or to change unhelpful habits that may have worked ok in the past but don’t now serve you well. Choosing to take time to be with yourself will be a valuable investment and will result in a future that feels more hopeful -and full of promise!

Insight and understanding through reading or self-reflection really helps to improve wellbeing, but is not usually enough on its own:

Insight without action can be limiting -and action without insight, thoughtless or self-defeating at times.

We are all individuals - I work uniquely in partnership with you to help you deepen your own understanding of yourself, tailoring your sessions to help you feel calmer and where it’s helpful, to transform old patterns rooted in the effects of past hurts, into experiencing a stillness and calm - and that wonderful sense of inner freedom that you yearn for!

The success of our sessions is therefore dependent upon you feeling ready and willing to embark on a personal journey into your thoughts and feelings - whilst this may be new or uncomfortable, I can reassure you we work at your pace and that it will be life changing! Where helpful, sessions can sometimes include mindfulness, card readings or inner healing guided imagery (where requested), leading to a deeper sense of wellbeing and greater emotional freedom. My clients report that from their very first session they feel a sense of relief and hope!

If this speaks to your heart or your mind - contact me today to book a session -and take your first step to feeling better!

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NEW!! Revive Your Relationship

A bespoke, tailored 3 hourly workshop for couples preparing to get married or make a commitment, or who wish to revive their relationship following post lockdown!
Watch this space -or contact Sue for early bird discounts or further details.

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I understand personally, how life feels tough to manage sometimes.....

I have my own personal journey just like you do, and am travelling along the road of my own life too! – a road that has not been easy at times…….we never quite expect our lives to turn out the way they do, do we?!

Sometimes we need to turn to others for help and support -it feels liberating to know that through overcoming my own difficulties with the support of others, that I have discovered my inner purpose, and I love feeling that my spirit is free!

Some of my experiences - alongside decades of training to understand how the mind, body and soul communicate with each other -underpin my drive and desire to help others explore what may be blocking happiness and wellbeing.

My desire now, is to support you to take your next step along the pathway of your own journey, so that you too can feel free from the past, and motivated to discover your potential and to live your life - without limitations!

Is Change in your life leaving you struggling?

Are you perhaps feeling uncomfortable or distressed, somewhere between an ending and a beginning in your life, or finding yourself wondering ‘is this is all there is?!’ or do you feel you have ‘lost your mojo!' This can happen to any of us, especially during these times of global uncertainty, or following things like childbirth, divorce, weight gain/loss, redundancy, retirement, empty nest, bereavement, menopause -or many other of life’s stages that bring Change. As a Counsellor and Coach working remotely and based in Sevenoaks, I can help you to transform your wellbeing with therapeutic coaching, from the inside out -including personal style coaching if helpful- to boost your self-confidence!

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I am experienced in helping clients struggling with:

  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Change
  • Loss and grief
  • Redundancy
  • Depression
  • Attachment
  • Workplace stress
  • Relationships involving Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Self-worth and self-confidence.

    My Practice is within easy reach of Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Hadlow.

  • Professional Standards

    I work within an ethical framework and am a fully insured, registered member of BACP. I’m a qualified counsellor and coach and an experienced mentor, supervisor, trainer and facilitator, with a previous background in supporting and growing Leadership locally and nationally, within the field of Education.
    I specialise in personal and professional relationships and also in helping to overcome work- related stress or low self-esteem and/or juggling parenthood and family life with a demanding career.

    I have a special interest in continuing study into the developing field of neuroscience and how the mind works, and am trained to help my clients understand their own nervous system and how unresolved effects of past childhood or relationship hurts, create patterns which impact on their lives as an adult - together we can transform behaviours and attitudes, or release old thought patterns or out-of-date beliefs to bring a sense of relief, and a renewed energy to face the future.

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